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Gold Saum:

Scientific name: Andinoacara Rivulatus  

Family: Cichlidae

Difficulty: Easy 

Temperament: Aggressive 

Minimum Tank Size: 75 gallon for a single, 100 gallon or more for tank mates 

Average Size: 10-12"

Water Perameters: 75-80F, 6.5-8PH

Diet: Omnivore

Origin: South America 


The Gold Saum is a larger size South American cichlid native to northern Peru and the coastal drainages of western Ecuador. A popular aquarium fish due to its intense bright green scales with a grey center and facial striping, often confused with and mislabeled as a close relative the Green Terror (Andinoacara Stalsbergi). This fish will grow to around 10-12" in an aquarium and has been known to reach sizes of even 14". It is an aggressive fish once reaching sexual maturity, but can work cohesively with tankmates. Sexing is simple with a visual check, the female will have a much less bright body scale colour and shorter rounded dorsal fin. While a male is generally an intense green with long draping dorsal fin and wider coloured seam on the caudal fin males will also grow a nauchel hump at around the 8" mark. Both male and female come in a few colour ranges (dorsal and caudal fin seams only) from an intense orange, white, yellow and red. With orange being the most common.


Minimum Tank Requirements, Setup and Tank Mates:

For size and water quality it is advised to have a minimum of 75 gallon aquarium with a footprint minimum of at least 48x18 inches for a single Saum, and 100 gallon or more for Tank mates, depending on the tank mates size and requirements as well. The aquarium should be setup with a soft sand substrate and using driftwood or rock work for decorations for a natural look leaving the mid to top of the tank as clear as possible for swimming room, tank mates need to also be in the semi-aggressive to aggressive range, common tank mates include oscars, Jack Dempsey, jaguar cichlids, Texas cichlids and black convicts.



A quality staple omnivore pellet, mixed up with live or frozen meat for treat foods, this can include crickets and other insects, worms, frozen blood worm, shrimp and other good protein sources. While a jack dempsey will eat feeder fish, this isn't necessary due to the risks of infection from poorly bred feeders, and the little nutrition they offer.